Are You Financially Fit To Quit

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It is Spring 2020, and many educators are making a significant shift because schools across the nation closed due to COVID19. The way we teach completely changed within days. Before this shift, some teachers and administrators thought of exiting the field of education. Now, people have time to reflect, and more educators may leave the profession. First, think long and hard. Ask yourself a question. Are you financially fit to quit?

Teachers and administrators know it is a difficult job. Sometimes you have those “nobody told me” moments. The workload and demands are heavy. The expectations and responsibilities continue to increase while resources decrease. The idea of walking away becomes more constant. 

Stress and Burnout Stats

Stress and burnout rates among educators continue to increase each year. According to Edweek, in 2018, 44% of new teachers leave within five years. “Citing low pay, widespread disrespect, and potential opportunities in other fields, frustrated public school teachers walked away in record numbers in 2018. This data is according to a Wall Street Journal report based on U.S. Department of Labor figures. (Think Progress, February 2019). Not only are teachers walking away, principals and assistant principals are running out of the door also. Do not run until you know you are financially fit to quit.

Let’s walk through a process to see if you’re financially healthy enough to walk away from the classroom or school. We have attached a Financially Fit worksheet (PDF) to use during this process. Or you can grab some paper and a pen or create an Excel or Google Sheet on a laptop.


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