Are You Out of Focus

Finding One’s Central Understanding of Self

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This is an update of a previous post. In 2020, educators are experiencing major changes in their profession. The way we teach made a major shift or swerve to e-learning. Teachers and administrators are pushing through but it’s been a difficult change. so, during the pandemic lockdown of COVID19, it is a great time to focus on yourself. Find one’s central understanding of self (FOCUS) while getting through a time of changes and uncertainty.

As a kid, you were told by a parent or teacher to “FOCUS!” Your mind wandered off somewhere while you were in class or your mom was telling you something important. You were thinking about something special you wanted to do for yourself or with your friends. As a child, there are no inhibitions to focus on yourself or what makes you happy. A child’s days are filled with self-discovery.

Growing up and becoming an adult with responsibilities changes the concept of focusing on yourself and what makes you happy. Sometimes, adulthood means losing focus of your true self. Are you out of focus? Think about it for a moment! What images of you come to mind? So now look at the word, focus in a different light. Think of it this way: Finding One’s Central Understanding of Self.

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