Educators are a Great Consumer Market

That’s a lot of Teachers

Did you know that educators are a significant consumer market?  Often, marketers do not recognize the buying potential of this important group. Over 3 million full-time teachers work in public schools in the United States. Close to a half million teachers work in private schools in the United States. That’s a lot of teachers! Wake up marketers and recognize educators as a viable consumer market!

What would we do without teachers? According to the National Center for Education Statistics in the United States,  educators teach over 50 million elementary and high school students. Over 400,000 private school teachers educate approximately 5.2 million students in elementary and high school.
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These statistics are for 2017.  Along with this data, there are over 13,000 public school districts with 98,000 public schools including 6,700 charter schools.

Teachers have Buying Power

Looking at the above numbers shows us tremendous possibilities for advertisers and marketers. Teachers have major buying power. Furthermore, teachers can have a significant influence on other consumer markets. Through teachers’ daily interactions with students and parents, direct and indirect influences are inevitable. In other words, teachers have access to the thoughts, ideas, wants, and needs of students and families.
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Educators are a great consumer market.

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A recent report titled, Teachers as Consumers breaks down teachers’ interests, buying patterns, media uses and more. Simmons Research surveyed teachers across the U.S. The data was collected in 2016. The data proved that teachers are loyal customers to their favorite brands. Teachers are well-informed consumers. Also, they are online shoppers and engage in social media channels.

Educators have Influence

In a recent Huffington Post article, Why Marketing to Educators May Be the Best Decision You Ever Make describes educators as an audience with a lot of influence. Isn’t that an ideal consumer market? In this article, Bernadette Grey, chief strategist at MDR, stated: “Think of the potential buyers and potential consumers of your message that teachers connect with each day.” She goes on to say, ” Look ahead; these could be your next generation of purchasers, voters, advocates, innovators, businesses, communities, state leaders, and school boards.”

Marketing to teachers can open up an array of opportunities. The average household income for teachers is $142,000. Other interesting statistics include:

Important Statistics About Teachers

The average age is 43.6 years. Seventy-one percent are female. Sixty-six percent are married. Over 47% of teachers are parents. The majority of teachers (76%) own their home. Over 75% of teachers visit social network sites on a regular basis. Moreover, 52% of teachers who are online regularly are likely to open a link with a promotion or coupon from a trusted source.

Teachers are 100% college graduates compared to 28% of the general population.  The majority of teachers are women, and they love to shop. Favorite stores among teachers are Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Kohl’s, Costco, JCPenny, Macy’s, Bath & Body Works, Sam’s Club and Dollar General Store.

Also, educators do quite a bit of shopping over the internet. They purchase women’s apparel, book/ebooks, travel/tours, men’s clothing, children’s apparel, classroom supplies, and more.  

The Role of the Internet

The internet plays a significant role in the lives of teachers. As essential consumers, 91% percent of educators have smartphones. Ninety-one percent own home computers and, 68% of teachers own tablets.

According to educators, using the internet has changed the way they work. The internet is a vital way of communication. Lastly, the internet is a part of their lifestyle, getting and sending information, and shopping.

Teachers are Huge Influencers and Consumers

Therefore, marketers, don’t miss out on educators as a viable consumer market. For example, everyday teachers promote good habits like eating healthy meals, the importance of good hygiene, reading good books, specific school supplies, and so much more. Furthermore, teachers not only take care of their own families, but they also take care of the nation’s children.

Lastly, teachers communicate on a regular basis with the parents of their students. Communication and collaboration among their peers is another regular exercise for educators. Therefore, the influence of teachers swings far and wide.  Marketers, it’s time to recognize teachers as huge influencers and vital consumer market.

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