Essential Oils for Sleep and Relaxation, Part 1


Are You Sleeping?

Don’t you love the feeling of having a good night sleep? However, you’re awake a night thinking about grading papers, writing reports, or lesson plans. A good night sleep is very elusive for some people. More than 30% of the population suffers from insomnia.  Are you one of those people who is suffering? You toss and turn and count the hours on the clock while wishing that you could fall soundly asleep. Well, did you know that there are essential oils for sleep?

Not being able to shut off your busy mind causes stress. Then stress causes insomnia. Consequently, your eyes are wide open most of the night. You may not want to take prescribed drugs or sleep aids. So, essential oils for sleep are a good, natural alternative to a prescribed medicine. Essential oils are used for a variety of illness or ailments. Using essential oils to help sleep or sleep aromatherapy become a peaceful night as opposed to a restless one is a good option for you.

Types of Essential Oils for Sleep & Relaxation

What are essential oils good for sleep?  What is a good essential oil recipe for sleep? You have several options of essential oils for sleep and relaxation. You must find the essential oil your body likes best. What works for you, may not work for another person.

Types of Essential Oils for Sleep and Ways to Use Them

Here are the best essential oils for sleep: Lavender, Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Sweet Marjoram, Cedarwood, Valerian Root, and Clery Sage. Some persons use them as aromatherapy for sleep. Some persons also use essential oil blends for rest.  Again, find out what works best for your body and the best way to use the oils to help sleep.

Essential oils have been used for centuries and across the globe. You can use the oils in several ways. You can use diffusion or indirect inhalation. Try a couple of drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, cup around your nose and inhale. It’s very soothing. Rub a couple of drops on the bottom of your feet, shoulders or stomach. Mix 3-5 drops of the essential oil in your bath water and soak your body. You can also research recipes to blend oils to relieve your sleeplessness. Let’s look at your product options.


Lavender is known for its sedating qualities and associated with relaxation. Much research has been done over time. Research has shown that Lavender eases anxiety and insomnia. 

Essential oils for sleep and relaxation

Essential oils aid in sleep and relaxation.

It has a sweet, floral scent. In the Middle Ages, Lavender was used as an aphrodisiac; however, that’s another story.  Lavender Essential Oil is very gentle. Use it by diffusion or direct inhalation. Use the essential oil in your bath. It blends well, so you can find or create different recipes using Lavender and other oils.


Another oil is Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizanoides). It has many benefits including sedative qualities. Vetiver or Khus Khus as it’s known is a grass with a pleasant, earthy smell. Persons who use Vetiver say that it has a cooling effect on the mind and body. Vetiver provides relief for your sleeplessness. It also sedates your anger, anxiety, and nervousness, all of which can derive from insomnia. Vetiver is also called a nervine.  It is a very safe and gentle essential oil.

This oil is very popular in aromatherapy. So, feel free to use a diffuser to enjoy its pleasant scent. Also, Vetiver blends well with lavender, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and a couple of other essential oils.

Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis) is a very popular essential oil for insomnia. There are two well-known types of chamomile: Roman and German. The German variety is more known for its anti-inflammatory agent. Roman Chamomile is best known for its more effective for aiding insomnia. Roman Chamomile is even known for its effectiveness in calming down anger and irritability in small children. You can use Roman Chamomile on its own merits; however, it is a versatile essential oil. You can blend it with Lavender for a nice bath or as a massage oil.

Ylang Ylang

Pure Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) Essential Oil has properties as an anti-depressant, nervine and sedative. Ylang Ylang provides relief from anxiety and stress. This essential oil will bring you a sense of relaxation and calm your nervousness, anxiety, and stress. Ylang ylang is excellent for you if you suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness and other stress-related ailments.

Ylang Ylang is a favorite in the aromatherapy world. It has a delicate scent and is also used in perfumes. As a sedative, Ylang Ylang brings about a very relaxed feeling. When using this essential oil, take precaution and use as directed. Research has shown that in some cases of sensitivity or reactions to Ylang Ylang can cause nausea and headaches.  Blend this essential oil with bergamot, lavender, and sandalwood.


Bergamot Essential Oil is derived from a citrus fruit. The rind is used for extraction of the essential oil. You have probably tasted Bergamot without knowing it in a popular black tea. Bergamot essential oil has sedative and relaxing qualities. It is used to reduce nervous tension, anxiety, and stress. These symptoms cause insomnia. When you look for relief of sleeplessness, Bergamot is a great essential oil to help. You do want to use Bergamot with caution and store it a dark place. This essential oil does not like sunlight and can become poisonous if exposed to sunlight. Therefore, you will see Bergamot in dark bottles.

Bergamot Essential Oil blends well with several other oils: Clary Sage, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang. Try different blends to determine what’s your favorite or what works best for your body.

Essential oils are alternatives to prescribed medication or over the counter sleep aids.  We will explore more oils in Part 2 of this post. Meanwhile, research the options listed above. Afterward, begin to think about which essential oil meets your needs. Remember, teachers and administrators need sleep, too!

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