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Grace, Space and Empathy in the Time of COVID

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Pandemic parenting is _______________ . (You fill in the blank.) Over the past week, I posed this question to parents, and they responded… Ceaseless.Survival.Unusual.Back to the basics.Consuming.Raw.Rewarding.Relentless.Enlightening.A job for three grown-ups.Stressful.Exposed.Exhausting.Vulnerable.An adventure.Constant.Impossible when you have anything else to do. So here we are alone together during the global coronavirus pandemic. We have never been here […]



Free Learning Resources During COVID-19

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How is everyone doing?? The realities of quarantine are settling in for us in new ways this week, and we’ve found ourselves trying to stave off the doldrums.Will we ever get to return to normal? What is normal exactly?The ocean is calling, and I can’t go!You want another snack?Making space for the ups and downs […]


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