Educators Need Social-Emotional Learning, Too.

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  Social-emotional learning is all the rage in education. However, the focus is mainly on the children and not on the adults. Rarely is it discussed the possibilities of addressing the social-emotional needs of educators. It is time to explore how social-emotional learning for the adults can positively change the field of education. It is […]



Three Strategies to Ease Tensions and Improve Teaching and Learning

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  What Gets in the Way of  Teaching and Learning Teaching and learning are the two most important aspects of education. Sometimes, adults will get in the way of teaching and learning.  Recently on a Facebook group, someone asked, “what stresses you out about the field of education?”  Surprisingly, most responded that the adults, not […]



Bouncing Back from the Bottom: Learning from Failure

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What is Failure? At some point in life, everyone experiences failure. Yes, failure and hitting the bottom is a part of life. While looking up from the bottom, I’ve learned a few lessons. However, failure means different things to different people.  According to Dictionary.com definitions include: Lack of success or proving unsuccessful Non-performance of something […]



Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Knowledge

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Recently, a relative told me that I am always in teacher mode and need to shut it off sometimes. It took me aback for a moment because I try hard not to talk about work during off hours. Sometimes, I try hard to keep my mouth closed even though I know the latest research or current […]

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